That's me.  I'm in my "wetsuit" and attending yet another "board meeting", but somehow I don't mind these type of meetings.  Southern California offers a wonderful opportunity to enjoy its diverse terrain, from the mountains to the desert, and of course our beautiful coastline. Surfing has always been my passion and there's nothing like paddling out and catching few waves to clear my mind and appreciate so much life has to offer.  My other passion is photography and capturing our many special moments in life.  

I was first given my SLR camera, a Canon AE-1, when I was just 12 years old by my parents.  I instantly fell in love with photography.  The ability to freeze time for that instant and to share memories with family, friends, and strangers brought incredible joy and satisfaction for me.  A photograph is more than a time machine into our past.  A great picture in its simplest form should convey a story of a bygone moment and draw out the best in nostalgia, inspire, and perhaps hope.

Photos are timeless gifts.  My goal is to personalize each photo session for you and your loved ones.  As one famous photographer wonderfully encapsulates my core belief, "It's more important to click with your subjects than with your camera."  

Please contact me for any inquiry about purchasing prints, work, or collaboration.  Thank you for your interest!



(949) 677-8376